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Service Applications for your Telecommunications Business

atrexx offers a range of value added applications for your telecommunications business: Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are available as satellite based and terrestrial applications. Skyplex is an innovative IP over Satellite system with hub in the satellite. WiMAX standardized Wireless Access distributes an Internet backbone connection to individual subscribers.
Voice over IP - fon4allVirtual Private Networks (VPN)
Virtual Private Networks (VPN) replace more and more traditional Corporate Networks. VPN can provide company-wide communication in a cost-effective way
Voice over IP - fon4allVoice over IP - fon4all
fon4all is a comprehensive VoIP communications solution which works equally well on terrestrial broadband connections and on satellite links from atrexx
WiMAX - Wireless Access NetworksWiMAX - Wireless Access Networks
WiMAX - Wireless Access Networks are the ideal solution to distribute an Internet backbone connection via satellite locally.


Service application for 2way2sat - Internet via satelliteatrexx is the ideal partner providing VoIP for your voice terminating business. Originate your telephone calls with us, plan and realize a wireless network with WiMAX or implement a VPN either on existing terrestrial networks, in a hybrid solution (terrestrial network with extensions via satellite) or in private or public enterprise networks via satellite only.



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