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VPN Procurement

atrexx Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are a division of atrexx in charge of the procurement of VPN services for corporate clients. Through our brokerage platform and jointly with our consulting services, atrexx brings together VPN providers and users.

To obtain information about VPN services requires a minimum of information. Please refer to our standardized request form for the details.
The following road map describes the procurement process:
  1. Enter your VPN features and main requirements. Please use the standardized request form or contact us after you have registered and logged-in to the platform.

  2. atrexx analyzes your requirements and completes missing information, if necessary. This phase may require additional personnel communication. atrexx will care for the completeness of the RFI form.

  3. The RFIs will then be published on the atrexx exchange platform. Registered VPN providers can now these RFIs. Please note that the RFI does not unveil the customer’s name at that state but comprises all necessary information for a quotation.

  4. Some VPN providers reply with a budgetary quote, others with firm offers. Question are handled by atrexx.

  5. atrexx evaluates the quotes, and recommends a number of solutions which meet your requirements best. Note: The selected provider is still not disclosed at this point in time.

  6. If the customer has decided to continue with at least one solution, the names of the customer and the VPN provider will be disclosed to both parties.

  7. There are no hidden cost for the customer - the buyer - nor any after sales charges. For the VPN provider - the seller - atrexx' Terms and Conditions and the corresponding Price List for brokerage services apply.

  8. atrexx, acting as broker, is obliged to keep all offers strictly confidential and ensures the trustworthiness.

In case an offer cannot be prepared due to the lack of information, the customer can get into contact with a consultant of the atrexx VPN services team who assists in filling the missing parts.

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1. You need . . .

. . . a VPN feasibility study to identify possible solutions for your specific requirements.
2. You need . . .

. . . a VPN pricing inquiry (Request For Information) with rough price information for a first assessment.
3. You need . . .

. . . a VPN Request for Proposal (RFP) to clearly document your firm