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VPN Specification

An important issue for a VPN request is the varying understanding of the term 'VPN'. Part of the procurement process is a detailed analysis of requirements. By using thorough specification atrexx provides an objective selection process.

VPN Request Site OverviewSite overview

All site-specific information is collected in part 1 (site listing) of the request form. Please note that some minimum information is necessary to identify the localization properly. Indications like 'Cairns, Australia' or 'Birmingham, U.K.' are too unspecific, even for a feasibility study. Complete addresses and area codes of telephone numbers are basically needed for any type of quotation.The access characteristic comprises the required bandwidths (speed) and communication protocols. Additional service quality parameters should be specified per site rather than in a general manner.

Part 2 of the request form asks for general requirements:.

VPN Type

The network topology distinguishes between Star and Tree Networks, Meshed Networks (any-to-any), and Point-to-Point connections. atrexx further classifies VPN into Layer-2 VPN and Layer-3 VPN, together with the distinction whether a VPN is established as a single network, from a single provider, or through the public Internet and multiple providers.

Performance and security parameters are strongly influenced by those options. Note, that connections trough the public Internet often traverse several regional IP networks and have to overcome several routing hops on their way. Hence, the Peering Agreements between Internet Service Providers (ISP) are an essential quality parameter for the end-user. Layer-2 networks from a single provider avoid network 'patches' from other carriers and guarantee much better genuine  performance. Of course, Layer-3 VPN are also offered by network operators who run their own IP-backbone. The end-user can benefit from such a powerful network likewise.

Scope of Service

The scope of service defines how comprehensive the outsourced service shall be in order to meet the varying buyer requests. atrexx uses the following standard levels of service

  • Internet Connectivity only
    The entire VPN is planned to be managed by the user. Thus Internet access - either permanent or on demand - is purchased.

  • Client Access / LAN-to-LAN Connectivity
    The requested service comprises a firm interface as a demarcation point to the provider. In case of permanent access, this can be a router, in case of mobile access, a software client. Considering the communication between distant offices having Lanes, this service is a type of 'LAN-to-LAN' connectivity. The terminating router can be provided and managed by the end-user in order to create the VPN functionality himself.

  • LAN-to-LAN Connectivity  including Managed Router Service
    This comprises the same service level as mentioned before. However, the terminating device, a router, is managed by the service provider. The existence of local or regional service provider staff at the customer's sites is a precondition for such a service level. Furthermore all VPN connections are created and managed through the service provider's Network Management Center.

  • Firewall Service
    The service provider is asked to deliver a firewall functionality alongside with the Managed Router Service level mentioned above. Permanent updates, remote management and handling change request increases the requested services level.

  • LAN Administration
    The outsource level comprises the management of the LAN as well.

  • On-site installation - Additionally to the LAN management, personal presence at customer site by technicians of the service provider is requested to deliver a turn-key-solution.

Of course, additional specifications can be added to this standard service levels.

Please note: The procurement process and the implementation phase will be more successful the better the analysis has been at the beginning.

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