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VPN - To Make or to Buy?

From a business point of view the question regarding a VPN is again whether to make or to buy. Not only the company's need to focus on core competencies are in favor of a professional VPN service provider.

To run a VPN fully under a company''s own control is a teasing idea: Just to buy all components and to combine them with cheap Internet access. This may be a viable approach in some straightforward cases.

However, for business-critical applications VPN design by a third party and management by a professional provider has proven to be the most reliable solution. A business-backing VPN, particularly with sites in several countries, is not an off-the-shelf product that can by ordered straightaway. Nor the necessary resources by means of time and man power are to be under-estimated for the purchasing process.

How to find the best provider for your VPN? The following questions may help to make an initial choice:
  • Who can cover the places of interest?
  • Is there a single provider for all locations?

The question remains how to find one or more VPN providers without sending time-consuming individual Requests for Proposals (RFP) to each of them and evaluating all the answers. 

The solution is atrexx'' Exchange Platform: The platform allows to find the best provider of VPN solutions for the most different needs. All what is needed from you is the exact description of your request. To do this in the most appropriate way please refer to the atrexx Guidelines for VPN Provider Selection.

Your detailed request will allow atrexx to present an optimized solution for your specific VPN project. This includes hybrid solutions where satellite based access complements a terrestrial VPN network, allowing to connect almost every place on earth.

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