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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) replace more and more traditional Corporate Networks. Changing communication needs and cost-cutting requirements determine the specifications. VPN provide company-wide communication in a cost-effective way.

Modern technology allows to carry multiple protocols and to serve the respective applications - not only IP traffic as mostly anticipated. Thus VPNs are the state-of-the-art technology for many communication needs.

Generally, any enterprise can take advantage of a VPN service if:

  • The company has several locations both national or international.
  • Internal data communication is based on Local Area Networks (LAN), which are connected to a Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Mobile users, roamers, small and home offices need to communicate with the corporate environment.
  • The LAN enables access to centralised data resources and to applications.
  • Protection against unauthorised intrusion and attacks is mandatory.

Some typical starting situations for introducing a VPN:

  • Extension of existing network
  • Introduction of a new Intranet topology
  • Inclusion of foreign offices or production plants worldwide
  • Need for mobile access to an existing Intranet
  • Improvement of qualitative features, such as bandwidth, security, configuration.
  • Need for increased flexibility and scalability,
  • Convenient change management according to changing needs in the company''s work flow.

However, in most cases the major driver for a VPN is to cut cost.

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Feasibility Study - How to save money with VPNFeasibility Study

If you want to check whether a VPN solution is feasible, use this request form. This structured requests will be answered with priority. It results into a budgetary price range.
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