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WiMAX- Wireless Access Networks

Internet Service Providers are seeking options to distribute Internet via Satellite Signals to their customer base in a given local area. Wireless Access - or Wireless Local Loop - is a cost-effective solution to provide an Internet backbone connection to users in areas up to 50 km.

atrexx wireless distribution networks offer integration of wireless technology (i.e. WiMAX) with broadband satellite infrastructure, e.g. 2way2sat - Internet via Satellite.

2way2sat - Internet via satellite with wireless signal distribution - klick to enlargeFurthermore, a wireless access solution can be a fully managed network, with different cell sizes and a varying number of users per cell. Network structures include point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections. atrexx currently offers a pre-WiMAX technology, based on standard frequencies in the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands, featuring a remotely controlled access management system.

The Access Gateway, managing the wireless networks, is located at atrexx’s data center in Germany. The CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), sets up a highly secured VPN connection to the Access Gateway, through local Access Points

Thus, without investment in management systems and servers, the local WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) is able to tailor own service packages, authenticate customers, shape the bandwidth and monitor all users at anytime. Furthermore, access to customer profiles and traffic data can be used for local accounting and billing.

Wireless Access is the ideal solution to distribute Satellite Internet Satellite signals locally.

By opting for atrexx’s wireless technology, service providers break new ground for additional revenue sources or for maximizing the full potential of existing broadband satellite access.

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