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fon4all - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you find answers to fon4all VoIP questions you possibly have. If your specific question is not included, do not hesitate to ask the atrexx team by using the contact button at the of the list.


2way2sat and Voice over IP

Can I use 2way2sat to implement Voice over IP (VoIP)?
2way2sat offers the ability to implement VoIP. However, as there is no CIR (Committed Information Rate) with the IP Access services, the VoIP performance is not guaranteed. At peak times you may experience problems. Also, due to the long satellite path, there is an important round loop delay of typically 0.7 seconds. This needs a telephone conversation rather to be simplex, i.e. only one person speaks and the other listens. Nevertheless, VoIP based on 2way2sat can be an attractive alternative in geographical regions with non-existing or poor telephone infrastructure.
Which type of bandwidth is needed for VoIP?
Due to the very high sensitivity of voice to delay and jitter for professional VoIP you need imperatively dedicated bandwidth. SCPC/SCPC is usually the preferred choice as the needed processing and thus the latency is lowest. For consumer purposes shared bandwidth (IP Access) may be viable, especially at off-peak hours.  Note however, that some lower end IP Access services do not support VoIP at all.
What if I experience problems with VoIP?
If you would experience difficulties in the voice quality with fon4all the most probable reason is your Internet backbone connection, which is not ready for VoIP. You can contact atrexx to allow us to propose you alternatives to your current connection.
What are key advantages of fon4all compared to other VoIP systems?
The system is usable universally, from the software based PC Dialer, over consumer type VoIP gateways, to professional equipment from Cisco or Quintum for many telephone lines. However, no local billing infrastructure is needed, as all billing and administration of accounts is available through the Internet.
Can the fon4all system be used for call shops?
fon4all’s optional Call-Shop Management tool allows invoicing per booth and other functions geared towards call shops. Still no local billing infrastructure is needed, only a computer having access to the Internet.

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