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Radio Contribution

atrexx offers several contribution alternatives to carry your radio signals to the site or sites where they are needed for further processing or for broadcast distribution. This includes links from the site of an event to the studio and from the studio to the terrestrial FM or AM transmitters or the satellite uplink station.

Radio Contribution via Satellite to FM transmitters in ZambiaContribution Examples:

  • National Radio Networks
  • Multiple Language Radio Channels
  • Local Content / Local Advertisement to Nationwide Networks
  • Automated Commercials Distribution
  • Interactive Audio Information, like RDS or radio text
  • In-Store Audio to Retailers / Point-of Sale Radio


  • Cost-effective links based on terrestrial IP or SCPC satellite
  • Short time to market
  • High availability
  • Possibility to carry ancillary services over the same link


Audio Contribution Network via SatelliteThe audio signals are picked-up at standardized analog and digital audio interfaces, like AES/EBU. Terrestrial or satellite based networks carry the audio in digital format to one (point-to-point) or more reception sites (point-to-multipoint). 

Technologies include Audio-over-IP streaming over the public Internet with Quality of Service (QoS), as well as SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) and MCPC (Multiple Channel per Carrier) satellite transmission.

atrexx' comprehensive Digital Audio Contribution System includes audio encoders and modulators, receivers, antennas and  RF equipment. Up to eight stereo channels take place in a single rack. An Audio Network Management System is available as an option. The system is engineered according to your requirements, pre-installed and tested. On-site installation is available as an option.

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Direct-to-Home Satellite Radio ServiceDirect-to-Home Satellite Radio Service

The DTH service offers a cost-effective solution for Direct-to-Home digital satellite radio. atrexx provides access to the key DTH markets with a potential audience of millions of households.