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TV Contribution

atrexx transports your TV signals from point A to point B. Be it for a temporary link, like SNG (Satellite News Gathering), or for a permanent connection from studio to studio or studio to broadcast transmitter .

Transmission technologies include DVB Single Carrier per Channel (SCPC) or Video-over-IP. atrexx delivers a turn-key solution, including engineering, implementation and cost-effective procurement of the required terrestrial IP backbone connection or space segment.

SNG - Satellite News Gathering

Applications include:

  • Digital recording and transmission of video in real-time 
  • Remote access to editing systems 
  • Live transmission of edited productions
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG) 

Contribution of TV Signals to Television Studio

Occasional Use Capacity (OU)
“Occasional Use Capacity” refers to satellite capacity that is used for hours or days. Such capacity is marketed, sold and booked directly by atrexx.

Alternative to conventional solutions
atrexx has an in-depth knowledge of the satellite operators' products and can offer its customers an attractive alternative to conventional occasional use solutions. As atrexx’ professionals have a proved track record in consulting and project management, the customer deals only with one business partner, able to offer a turn-key-solution for all the requirements.

Highly competitive rates
atrexx co-operates with the most performing satellite operators. Combined with the purchase of bulk capacity, atrexx is in the position to offer highly attractive prices for OU and fixed link services.

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DTH - Direct-to-Home Satellite TV ServicesDirect-to-Home Satellite TV Service

The DTH service offers a cost-effective solution for Direct-to-Home digital TV bouquets. atrexx provides access to key DTH markets, with a potential audience of millions of TV households.