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fon4all - Versatile Voice-over-IP System

fon4all stands for a sophisticated and comprehensive VoIP communications solution from atrexx. The features of fon4all are available everywhere in the world, nearly immediately, and independently from incumbent telcos. The system is proved with DSL type broadband connections and Internet over Satellite connections from atrexx.

atrexx - fon4all, a versatile Voice-over-IP solution

As a subscriber, fon4all enables you to make substantial economies when compared to your incumbent telco provider. ISPs, Call Shop and Cyber Café operators can immediately generate new business using their existing infrastructure.

Highlights of fon4all:

  • Highly Attractive End-user Calling Rates

  • Web-based billing system without local infrastructure

  • No deficiency risks for resellers thanks to full prepayment

  • Originating and optionally terminating calls

  • Fully scalable to virtually any network size

Benefits of fon4all:


Individual Subscribers


Cyber Café and Call Shops Operators


Internet Service Providers

  • Low end-user calling rates
  • No monthly charges
  • Free Software Dialer
  • Preprogrammed hardware gateways available
  • Compatible with any DSL broadband service worldwide
  • Compatible with selected 2way2sat services from atrexx
  • Included: Calling Card Access in 13 Countries
  • Reseller solution for outbound calling services
  • Additional income stream generator for Cyber Cafés
  • Your Retail prices as appropriate in your market
  • Web based Call Shop management tool included
  • No need for local billing infrastructure
  • Free Software Dialer or preprogrammed VoIP gateways
  • Option: International Dial-In Numbers (DID)
  • Compatible with DSL and selected 2way2sat services from atrexx
  • Compatible with dedicated bandwidth Internet over Satellite services
  • Complete tailor-made communications solution
  • Origination and termination of calls, including GSM
  • Ideally suited for regions with poor telecommunications infrastructure
  • Web Administration Suite to manage customer accounts
  • No need for local billing infrastructure
  • Multilevel Marketing tool included
  • Compatible with all kind of broadband connections
  • Compatible with dedicated bandwidth Internet over Satellite services

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VoIP Equipment for fon4allVoIP Equipment for fon4all

atrexx distributes VoIP gateways, VoIP enabled routers and Software for residential and professional VoIP applications. All products originate from leading manufacturers, are compatible to fon4all, and are readily available from stock in Germany.
fon4all - VoIP-Sipper

Dialing Software with call status display.
Download the fon4all dialing software including sound optimization and industry standard SIP firewall penetration. Optimized for low bandwidth, high quality calls.