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LinkStar™: Two Way Satellite Internet Access

2way2sat High Speed Internet services without terrestrial connection are the ideal solution for users who want to become completely independent from their local telco company.

2way2sat LinkStar based Internet via Satellite services

The DVB-RCS like services are based on cost-effective LinkStar terminals from ViaSat. Advantages include the ability to share the satellite bandwidth among several or many terminals - both in the upstream (forward channel) and in the downstream (return channel). Dedicated and shared bandwidth allow different service classes, targeted at diverse user groups:

  • 2way2sat IP-Access; Shared Upstream / Shared Downstream:
    The maximum data rate and the contention ratio (sharing factor) specify largely the performance of the service. While highly contented services work fine for light usage (Private or SOHO environment), heavy users, like Internet Cafés, imperatively need a service with a low contention ratio.

  • 2way2sat IP-Connect Light; Dedicated Upstream / Shared Downstream:
    2way2sat IP-Connect Light offers an affordable IP technology for heavy users which need a guaranteed return channel bandwidth, e.g. for a Voice-over-IP line. Target groups include offices and Cyber Cafés.

  • 2way2sat IP-Connect; Dedicated Upstream / Dedicated Downstream:
    This 100% dedicated service bandwidth (CIR) allows to set-up a uniform Satellite Network across countries, if required. Target groups include Corporations, Administrations, NGOs and ISPs. All LinkStar™ based services use the same hardware. The size of the antenna and the power of the Blockup-Coverter (BUC) is a function of the satellite footprint and the maximum required upstream data rate.

  • 2way2sat IP-Access Low Volume; Low Cost Internet satellite system with volume limitation. Ideally suited for applications with high bandwidth but low volume needs, e.g. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

  • 2way2sat IP-Access BackUp; Redundancy via satellite allows for switching all traffic to a secondary -satellite based satellite - WAN connection when the primary link fails. This minimizes the business impact of WAN link failures and thus helps to prevent disasters in the IT environment.

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W6 is providing Broadband LinkStar Services for Middle East & North AfricaServices Middle East & North Africa

Eutelsat W6 @ 21.5° East
W3A is providing Broadband LinkStar Services for Africa - SubSaharaServices Africa-SubSahara

Eutelsat W3A @ 7° East
Eurobird 3 provides Broadband LinkStar Services to all of EuropeServices Europe (Eastern & Western)

Eurobird 3 @ 33° East
Sesat 2 is providing Broadband LinkStar Services for Central Asia and Middle EastServices Middle East & Central Asia

Eutelsat Sesat 2 @ 53° East
Intelsat 12 (Pas12) is providing Broadband LinkStar Services for South East AsiaServices South East Asia

Intelsat 12 @ 40° East
Intelsat 12 (Pas12) is providing Broadband LinkStar Services for South East AsiaServices Indian SubContinent

Intelsat 12 @ 40° East