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2way2sat BackUp - Satellite Redundancy

2way2sat Backup is a proactive redundancy solution preventing service interruptions and problems before they arise.

Beside telephony, Internet and Wide Area Networks (WAN) are meanwhile the most business critical communications tools. Therefore, corporations place a high priority to prevent service interruptions. The only way to guarantee a continuous availability is trough a secondary network. To be most effective, this secondary network has to be completely independent from the primary one.

Redundant WAN network with seconday satellite backup connection
Redundancy is used as a service assurance, should an emergent issue occur, including:
  • Network Loss or Cable Break
  • Natural Disasters like Fires, Earthquakes, Storms
  • Earth Moving and Construction Work Incidents
  • System Hardware Failures
Redundancy via satellite allows for switching all traffic to a secondary satellite connection when a failure of the primary link occurs. It is possible for the redundant link to fully replace the primary link in terms of speed and bandwidth. However, for more limited budgets, a smaller backup link is generally sufficient to minimize largely the business impact of a network failure.

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Service Coverage of Eutelsat Atlantic Bird 12way2sat Backup for MENA

Thanks to its broad coverage, Eutelsat Atlantic Bird 1 provides coverage for Europe, North Africa and parts of Middle East.
Service Coverage of Eutelsat Eurobird 32way2sat Backup for Europe

The Eutelsat Satellite Eurobird 3 provides excellent European service coverage thanks to his very strong beams over Europe.
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atrexx has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 which has been certified by DQS and IQNet.