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2way2sat Service Details

LinkStar™ based 2way2sat services are targeted at the most diverse user groups.

2way2sat IP-Access  Internet via Satellite is the ideal solution for Africa 
  • High Speed Satellite Internet Access Service for different User Profiles
  • Always-on Functionality
  • High Average Bandwidth Performance due to low Sharing Factor and Enforcement of Fair Use Flat Rate Policy
  • Maximum Data Rates 128 - 2048 kbps downstream and 64 - 1024 kbps upstream
  • Minimum Guaranteed Data Rate (CIR) = Maximum Bandwidth / Contention Ratio
  • 5 - 29 Static Private IP Addresses included
  • Public IP Addresses as an Option for some services


2way2sat IP-Access Volume  Internet Satellite volume limited for SCADA 
  • Low-cost Broadband Satellite Internet Access Service 
  • Volume Limitation with Always-on Functionality
  • Ideally suited for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) 
  • Maximum Data Rates 1024 kbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream
  • Different Volume Packages
  • 1 Static Private IP Addresses included, Public IP Addresses as an Option 


IP-Access is the right service package for users which need pure Internet access. Typical applications include browsing and e-mail service. Different data rates and contention ratios (sharing factors) shape services for private and SOHO users as well as for business customers and Cyber Cafés.

Relax with atrexx' Fair use FlatrateFair-Use Flat Rate

  • Traffic is not invoiced on a volume basis.
  • Excessive consumption (e.g. streaming media or file sharing on a peer-to-peer network) is not allowed.
  • In case of excessive upload or download volume, data rate will be temporarily throttled.
  • In such case user will be temporarily downgraded on priority level.
  • In case of repeated abuse of the Fair Policy, user will be invited to upgrade to a higher service



IP-Connect Light provides in addition to IP Access a dedicated bandwidth upstream (CIR return channel). This feature is needed by delay and jitter critical applications like Voice-over-IP and some corporate software.


2way2sat IP-Connect

2way2sat - IP-Connect is the ideal solution for Corporate Networks worldwide 

  • Dedicated IP bandwidth (100 % CIR) allocated exclusively
  • Traffic Volume not limited
  • Inbound and Outbound Bandwidths configurable to the exact Customer Requirements - at 32 kbps Increments
  • Dedicated Outbound and Inbound Bandwidth can be shared by several LinkStar™ terminals
  • Public IP Addresses as an Option with acceptance of class C Set of Public IP Addresses
  • The IP Connect service is available on all satellites
  • Affordable equipment, same as for IP Access 

IP-Connect is the premium service package with dedicated bandwidth (100% CIR). It allows to set-up satellite networks with all terminals sharing the aggregate bandwidth. Customers include corporations, administrations, NGOs and ISPs.




2way2sat IP-Access BackUp

 2way2sat - Backup for Redundancy

  • Ultra Low Cost Redundancy IP-Access for Backup purposes
  • Traffic Volume limited on yearly basis
  • Always-on Functionality
  • Maximum Data Rates 1024 kbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream
  • Different Volume Packages
  • 1 Static Private IP Address included, Public IP Addresses as an Option
  • IP-Access Backup service is available in Europe, Middle East and North Africa                      
  • Affordable equipment, same as for standard IP Access 

IP-Access Backup allows for switching all traffic to a redundant - satellite based - WAN connection when the primary link fails. The redundant link is completely independent from any terrestrial infrastructure. IP-Access Backup minimizes the business impact of WAN link failures and thus helps to prevent disasters in the IT environment.



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2way2sat - IP-Connect Corporate Network2way2sat - IP-Connect Solution

IP Connect is a reliable, flexible, high-performance two-way broadband satellite solution, offering dedicated and thus guaranteed bandwidth. It is designed specifically for companies or closed user groups, allowing them to interconnect sites, or to implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
2way2sat DSL-like services via Satellite2way2sat - IP Access Solution

By providing DSL-like services, 2way2sat is ideally suited for broadband Internet access on a standardized platform to small and medium-sized businesses in areas where terrestrial broadband access is not available.
bulk prices for Andrew, iDirect, LinkStar, Belden, NRJ, LNB, BUCatrexx offers VSAT Equipment in

You can order iDirect as well as LinkStarTM Modems / Electronics Sets, Andrew Antenna Systems and Cable Sets in bulk quantities.
VSAT for SCADA2way2sat - IP Access Volume

Low Cost Internet satellite system with volume limitation. Ideal for applications with high bandwidth but low volume needs, e.g. SCADA.
BackUp via satellite2way2sat - BackUp

Redundancy via satellite allows for switching all traffic to a secondary satellite connection when failure of the primary link occurs. The redundant link is in most cases enough to minimize the business impact of disasters.