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Professional 2way2sat VSAT Services

The attraction of VSAT Satellite Communication for professional users is the ability to establish a network specifically dimensioned for the required service in terms of demand, performance, and geographical distribution, with the ease of scalability as the market expands.

2way2sat - Internet via Satellite DVB-SCPC solution

Today's telecommunications are largely based on the ubiquitous Internet Protocol (IP). It enables applications such as Internet backbone access, Streaming and Video-over-IP, Corporate Networks - virtually any unicast or multicast service.


Two VSAT technologies dominate the professional IP over Satellite market: SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) and DVB / DBV-S2 (Digital Video Broadcast). Both VSAT systems allow high-speed digital transmission. While for VSAT communication  purposes SCPC is is a pure point-to point technology, with bandwidth allocated to a single terminal, DVB allows for point-to-multipoint scenarios with satellite bandwidth shared among terminals.

For two-way satellite VSAT communication, both VSAT technologies are combined:

  • SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) networks provide communication links between two sites and are best compared to terrestrial leased-line connections. The SCPC network system addresses both a point-to-point satellite link and star network with several sites. SCPC/SCPC characterizes a link with both upstream (return channel, inbound) and downstream (forward channel, outbound) using SCPC technology.
  • DVB/SCPC transmission uses DVB at the forward and SCPC at the  return channel.
  • atrexx offers a complete range of professional 2way2sat VSATservices for the most demanding needs in many parts of the world.
  • Responding to the one-stop shop request of the market, atrexx also provides complete VSAT stations from our warehouse in Germany.

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2way2sat IP-Services via Intelsat

Intelsat's global integrated communications network includes 28 geostationary satellites in prime orbital locations.
SES-New Skies VSAT Satellite ServicesSES-Worls Skies for global 2way2sat ISP services

The positions of NewSkies' satellites enable atrexx to provide 2way2sat direct Internet Backbone access services to ISPs around the globe.
Professional UP-Satellite Service via Intersputnik SatellitesProfessional IP-Services via AM1 and AM22

atrexx provides Satellite IP services via the global and regional systems of RSCC to telecom operators and corporate customers.
2way2sat broadband services on Eutelsat Satellites2way2sat on Eutelsat Satellites

With capacity on 8 Eutelsat satellites, 2way2sat provides service coverage of the entire European continent as well as the Middle East, Africa, significant parts of Asia and South America.
2way2sat - iDirect Broadband Satellite Service via Intelsat (PanAmSat)

iDirect via Intelsat (PanAmSat) Satellites enables highly efficient satellite communications based on TDM/TDMA technologies. Bandwidth efficiencies are both at the satellite communications and IP communications level