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Block Up-Converter, Ku-Band

A Block Up-Converter (BUC) is an electronic device converting the modulated signals, originating from the Indoor Unit (IDU), from L-Band to the satellite frequency band, as needed, and amplifying the frequency converted signals. The BUC is mounted near the feed of the antenna which transmits the signals from the VSAT to the satellite.

Ku-Band covers the frequency range from 10.9 to 17 GHz. This band is primarily used for commercial satellite communications, including broadcasting satellite television. Standard Ku-Band uplink frequencies - from earth to satellite - range from 14.0 to 14.5 GHz.

EP-TX4 || Block Up-Converter BUC, 4 Watt, Ku-Band

atrexx EP-TX4 - BUC 4 W NJT5017F
Outdoor Unit Tx (NJT5017F), SSPA min. 4 W Output, 14.00-14.5 GHz (Standard Ku-Band), LO 13.05 GHz

IF Frequency 950-1450 MHz, Input F-Connector 75 Ohm, Output Waveguide Flange WR75

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