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DVB-S / -S2 Data Receiver Demodulator

SURPLUS || VSAT Surplus Hardware for Sale

VSAT Surplus Hardware
atrexx is reorganizing their stocks and offer NEW and USED VSAT Equipment at bottom rock prices, readily available from stock in Germany.

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EP-DVB2 || DVB-S/S2 Satellite IP Router Receiver

atrexx EP-DVB2 - IPricot IPr-S600
IPr-S600 VSAT Terminal (Indoor Unit) with RJ-45/LAN interface
DVB-S (ETS 300 421) & DVB-S2 (EN 302 307) demodulator and FEC decoder compliant

The fully compliant DVB/MPE & PES, IP, MPEG-2 works up to 40 Mbit/s IP throughput sustained with up to 32 PIDs simultaneously. It can be used for Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast Routing and Bridging.

The IPr-S600 can be easily integrated within any existing network and can be configured and monitored through several management interfaces.

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