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Telecommunications Equipment | atrexx

atrexx distributes a selected range of telco equipment for Voice communication including VoIP from the leading manufacturers world-wide.

SURPLUS || VSAT Surplus Hardware for Sale

VSAT Surplus Hardware
atrexx is reorganizing their stocks and offer NEW and USED VSAT Equipment at bottom rock prices, readily available from stock in Germany.

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BS-DT24 || Desk-top PVX NOP 24 channels

Desk-top PVX NOP VoIP bandwidth saving device
VoIP bandwidth saving device. Desk-top computer supports optimization of up to 24 SIP or H323 calls.

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BS-VX120 || Server PVX NOP 120 channels

VoIP bandwidth saving device Server PVX NOP
VoIP bandwidth saving device. Rack-mount server supports optimization of up to 120 SIP or H323 calls.

  • VoIP Protocols Supported: H323 Ver.3, SIP, NOP (WTL Proprietary High Quality 14:1 Compression)
  • Operating System: Solaris 9
  • Capacity: Maximum number of simultaneous calls: 120 (software upgradeable), Maximum call set up: BHCC Rate (Busy Hour Call Completion) over 50,000 per PVx
  • Voice Codecs Support: G723.1, G726, G728, G729
  • Dimensions: 1U Height, 45 x215 x280 mm (H xW xD)
  • System Power: Maximum consumption (230V): 250W
  • Operating Environment:Temperature: 0 to 35 degrees C, Storage: -20 to +80° C, Relative Humidity: 10% -90% Non-Condensing

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