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Pipe Stands and Non Penetrating Roof Mounts (NPRM)

NPM-288P || Non Penetrating Roof Mount 2.88" OD

atrexx NPM-288P (Prodelin 0800-1379)
NPMM (Prodelin 0800-1379) 6.5' X 6.5' with pads 2.88"/73 mm OD
For 0.9 m-1.2 m antennas series 1123, 1132, 1134, 1135, 1983, 1985

The Prodelin Non Penetrating Mast Mount 6.5ft x 6.5ft for the 120cm VSAT antennas 1123, 1132, 1134 and 1135-series is easy to assemble. Rubber pads included to protect the roof surface. Ballast in concrete blocks with nominal dimensions of 4 x 8 x 16 inches are required at customer site. Frame is hot-dipped galvanized steel to help prevent corrosion.

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SURPLUS || VSAT Surplus Hardware for Sale

VSAT Surplus Hardware
atrexx is reorganizing their stocks and offer NEW and USED VSAT Equipment at bottom rock prices, readily available from stock in Germany.

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KPM-550 || Kingpost Mount 5.5

atrexx KPM-550
Pipe Stand with 5.5"/140 mm OD Pipe, 50' /1.5 m high
For 1.8 m Prodelin Antennas

Pre-galvanized Polymer Coated, with Bolt & Template Kit

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NPM-550P || Non Penetrating Roof Mount 5.5

atrexx NPM-550P (Prodelin 0800-3382)
NPRM (Prodelin 0800-3382) with 5.5"/135 mm OD
For 1.8 m Prodelin Antennas (Series 1194)

Base Size 120" x 120" (305 x 305 cm), with Pads

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AN-CMK || BUC Mounting Kit 2/3 W

Mounting Kit for Block-Up-Converter
Compatible with 2 & 3 W NJRC BUCs on Andrew Class II & Class III Antennas

Provides additional stability to the BUC

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