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VoIP to SS7 Gateways

VoIP to SS7 Gateways (SoIP) are changing the way the world communicates: A compact, high performance and cost effective gateway interconnects the VoIP and PSTN worlds.

SS7 interfaces are increasingly being used to connect to PSTN networks in situations where Q931 / ISDN PRI was used before. Whilst this gives operators a more powerful interface with higher level performance and reliability it can also mean expensive, heavily engineered signalling gateways are required. SoIP is an easy to use, cost effective way of connecting VoIP based traffic to SS7 networks.

SoIP is an ideal solution for for ISPs, pure-play VoIP operators or for adding VoIP connectivity to legacy switches.

GW-S8E1 || Voice over IP (VoIP) to SS7 Gateway

SoIP VoIP to SS7 Gateway
Compact, High Performance and cost effective SS7 to IP Signaling Gateway. 8 E1 ports, 240 channels VoIP, includes 1 SS7 signaling link pair.

Providers have made huge investments in services deployed an their legacy networks, and they have to be able to share services across legacy networks and with IP based networks. SoIP allows multiple traffic types to co-exist in the same network. SoIP features the SS7 support of a full-blown Class 4 switch in a simple gateway format.

The highly efficient Optimized SS7 Transport (OSST) allows SS7 signaling to be carried through IP networks. This protocol encodes the full range of SS7 messages in a secure, compact way which has been optimized for IP transport. OSST then uses smart routing algorithms to decide which device in the network to send the SS7 message to.

  • SS7 & VoIP trace facilities
  • Carrier Grade Reliability
  • Robust Operating System Solaris 10
  • 3 x SCSI RAID 5 + Pass through disk for emergency recovery
  • SS7 Interfaces : T1/E1
  • IP Interfaces : 2 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • Options: 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 or 32 trunks
  • Options: 60, 120, 240, 480, 720 or 960 VoIP Calls
  • Stackable to 61440 calls (2048 Els).
  • Up to 16 SS7 signaling link pairs (upgrade option)
  • Upgradeable by software key
  • VoIP calls Protocol Support: SIP, H323 Ver. 4
  • Spported Voice Codecs: G723.1, GSM-FR, G726-32, G729, G711
  • Destination Point Codes: 64
  • Operational Point Codes: 4 National or international
  • Maximum call set up: BHCC Rate (Busy Hour Call Completion) over 50,000 per SoIP Gateway Management options: Web UI, CLI
  • Height : 4U; Depth : 755 mm
  • Power: Triple redundant PSUs Consumption: Max 325W
  • Full remote management
  • Web based user interface

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