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High-Speed Internet via Satellite

As Internet traffic continues to grow at exponential rates worldwide, Internet services providers (ISPs) everywhere are faced with the challenge of keeping up with demand for network bandwidth and developing creative solutions for squeezing more use out of existing bandwidth.
2way2sat LinkStar™ Broadband ServicesProfessional 2way2sat VSAT Systems
Two-way Dedicated Bandwidth VSAT Communication via Satellite for ISPs, Internet Telephony Service Providers and Corporations
2way2sat LinkStar™ Broadband Services2way2sat LinkStar™ Broadband Services
Two-way Cost-effective Broadband via Satellite System featuring Shared and Dedicated Bandwidth Internet Access
2way2sat BackUp - Satellite Redundancy2way2sat BackUp - Satellite Redundancy
2way2sat Back up redundancy is a proactive solution preventing service interruptions and problems before they arise
2way2sat iDirect Broadband Services (iNFINITI®; Evolution®)2way2sat iDirect Broadband Services (iNFINITI®; Evolution®)
Corporate Satellite Broadband Services featuring VoIP and VPN support


Internet via Satellite responds to different needsSatellite communication has the unique ability to deliver bandwidth exactly where and when it is needed, irrespective of geography and local infrastructure.

Depending on the location and needs, Internet via Satellite is the best method for either by-passing or extending the terrestrial fiber optic network. Internet via Satellite is therefore becoming the natural high speed transport medium for a wide range of IP and multimedia applications the world over, whether for consumer or business applications - and at speeds of 2 Mbit/s per user for Internet access and at up to 40Mbit/s per transponder for services such as data broadcasting.

High-Speed Internet via Satellite

Internet via Satellite



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2way2sat - Internet Satellite Central Asia2way2sat - Central Asia

e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, STAN-Countries
2way2sat - Internet Satellite Middle East2way2sat - Middle East

e.g. Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, KSA, Arabia Peninsula
2way2sat - Internet Satellite North Africa and Mediterranean2way2sat - North Africa

Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocoo
2way2sat - Internet Satellite in South America2way2sat - South America

All of South America except the Northwest of Brazil
2way2sat - Internet Satellite South Central Asia2way2sat - Central & Southeast Asia

e.g. India, China, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia
2way2sat - Internet Satellite Sub-Saharan Africa2way2sat Sub-Saharan Africa

e.g. Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia
2way2sat - Internet Satellite Europe2way2sat - Europe

Western, Central and Eastern Europe