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2way2sat@night - for NIGHTHAWKS in Africa

atrexx introduces an unbeatable offer to use a LinkStar™ terminal at night. The 2way2sat@night quality service is available on Eutelsat W3A Africa beam - 8 hours every night.

atrexx - 2way2sat @ night, for NIGHTHAWKS in Africa

Unlimited Internet
from 22:00 (10 pm) to 6:00 (6 am) UTC
every night
240 hours per month

€ 49.50

per month

Buy 2way2sat@night risk-free now:

  • Enter MAC Address and Serial Number of your LinkStar™ terminal.
  • Pay the 6 months service fee online through PayPal.
  • Take advantage of a 3 nights money-back-guarantee, once the service activated. 


2W2-AN0402 Fee for 6 months 2way2sat@night service: EUR 49.50 / month
Price € 297.00

MAC (Ethernet) address, e.g. 00.A0.94.00.96.A2

Serial Number, e.g. AG11110882


The 2way2sat@night service will normally be implemented after 4-5 working days.

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2way2sat - Broadband Internet Service: LinkStar Indoor UnitLinkStar: Indoor Unit

The IDU is an integrated unit. The MPEG-2 stream is recovered from the outbound signal by an integrated circuit consisting of a DVB demodulator and demultiplexer
2way2sat - Broadband Internet Service: LinkStar Indoor UnitLinkStar: Outdoor unit

The ODU consists of an antenna (90cm, 1.2m, 1.8m or 2.4m) and an RF power amplifier and low noise receiver