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Why you should choose atrexx' 2way2sat WAN redundancy solution

atrexx provides an innovative solution using leading Internet Satellite Technology from ViaSat and powered by Eutelsat Satellites. The IP network via Satellite is available across wide areas via Eutelsat AB1 and Eurobird 3. The Service is supported and monitored 24 x 7 (monitoring & connection support). Below find additional reasons underlining the advantages of the 2way2sat backup solution for WAN redundancy purposes:

  • Truly Redundant WAN
    True redundancy using two connections and two paths. If your main WAN service relies on copper or fiber lines, satellite Internet translates into a truly independent and different form of WAN service delivery.
  • Low Service Cost
    The 2way2sat redundant WAN connection is based on an affordable yearly service contract including a fixed data transfer volume. No further cost in case the allowed data volume will not be exceeded. Additional volume can be ordered as needed. The scalability of this redundant WAN translates into low yearly service cost. It is atrexx philosophy to go for availability rather than providing the highest bandwidth during backup. Means, if your primary WAN link operates at 10Mbit/s during normal operating periods, during disaster periods, the redundant service operates at e.g 1 Mbit/s.
  • Instant Service Availibility
    2way2sat redundant WAN service is delivered via an independent Satellite Teleport providing automatic routing (load balancing) to the backup capacity 24 hours a day,   ensuring bandwidth is available when needed.
  • Fast Deployable
    Quick implementation of the 2way2sat redundancy service is paramount for customers in need. Our systems can be installed within one day, in some cases within a few hours.
  • Geographical Coverage
     The facilities to protect can be located in Europe, including East Europe, North Africa and in parts of the Middle East.


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Service Coverage of Eutelsat Atlantic Bird 12way2sat Backup for MENA

Thanks to its broad coverage, Eutelsat Atlantic Bird 1 provides coverage for Europe, North Africa and parts of Middle East.
Service Coverage of Eutelsat Eurobird 32way2sat Backup for Europe

The Eutelsat Satellite Eurobird 3 provides excellent European service coverage thanks to his very strong beams over Europe.
ISO 9001 2008atrexx' Certified Quality Management System

atrexx has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 which has been certified by DQS and IQNet.