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Intelsat 601 @ 47.5° EAST

Intelsat 601 was launched in 1991 on Ariane V47. Before the end of its lifetime, the satellite was moved to a new "inclined orbit" in December 2004. In November 2007 the orbital position changed again to the current 47.5° East. Intelsat 601 provides large bandwidth for backbone connections to ISPs in a very cost-efficient manner.

Ku-Band: Two Way DVB-S2/SCPC and One-Way DVB-S2 Service
2way2sat - Internet via Satellite solution for ISPs, Corporate Customers, VoIP-Providers

Satellite Ku-Band, Inclined Orbit
Service One-way DVB-S2 and two-way DVB-S2/SCPC Backbone Connection: 100% Committed Information Rate (CIR)
Forward Channel: DVB-S2
Return Channel: SCPC
Bandwidth 512 kbps - 45 Mbps DVB-Outbound 
128 kbps - 10Mbps SCPC-Inbound
DVB-Outbound with burst as option
Coverage Middle East, Central Asia
Antennas 1.8 - 3.8 m with tracking, linear polarization: cross-polar
Options Additional IP Addresses
AS/BGP4 routing
Proxy Server for Return (one-way)
Terms 1 month contract with monthly renewal thereafter. One month deposit. One-time implementation fee.

Intelsat 601 offers a high quality, through affordable, one way or two-way Internet via Satellite solution with upink in Europe. The footprint covers the Middle East with center in Iraq and Iran. This inclined orbit solution is ideal for bandwidth requirements and backbone connections higher than 4 Mbps.

Service Bandwidth
Contention Ratio
2W2-D100 DVB-S2-Outbound: 512 kbps-45Mbps;
SCPC- Inbound: 128 kbps-10Mbps
Contention Ratio 1:1
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