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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you find answers to LinkStar based 2way2sat services. If your specific question is not included, do not hesitate to ask the atrexx team by using the contact button at the end of the list.


Techology & Services

How do I connect a Local Area Network (LAN) to the satellite modem?
Some SCPC/SCPC and DVB/SCPC modems which atrexx distributes provide a 10/100 Mps Ethernet Interface, which allows to directly connect a LAN. Other modems have a symmetrical serial interface, e.g. EIA-530. This interface connects to an IP router or an Ethernet bridge. atrexx has all this equipment available, including the required cables.
Can I connect a 2way2sat terminal to a wireless LAN (W-LAN) or wireless access network?
Yes, trough the Ethernet interface it is possible to connect directly a wireless access point or wireless bridge. In countries with poor telecommunications infrastructure, the upcoming WiMAX standard for wireless access, will greatly rely on two-way Satellite for the Internet backbone connection. WiMAX standardized CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment) will drastically cut the cost for wireless access.
How many IP addresses do you provide with each system?
In addition to the IP address of the satellite terminal, one public IP address is included for free in every DVB/SCPC or SCPC/SCPC service package. More public IP addresses can be granted as required, subject to a one-time implementation fee.
Can I use my existing RIPE IP Addresses for the service?
As an option, a customer of IP Connect service can use the existing RIPE IP-Addresses. The addresses will be integrated into our system at cost.
Is Ku-Band or C-Band preferable in Africa?
Because of C-Band’s lower sensitivity to rain attenuation, C-Band systems exhibit a more constant signal strength. However, due to the fact that Ku-band antennas of the same size feature a much higher gain, Ku-band system feature a higher margin for rain attenuation. Thus, if properly designed, both Ku-Band and C-Band systems work equally well, with the advantage of lower hardware cost going to the Ku-Band system. atrexx has precise link budgets available for the entire African continent with yearly availability of the VSAT as a function of antenna size and transmitter power.
What transmission is to be recommended: DVB/SCPC or SCPC/SCPC?
Because of higher efficiency and thus lower service fee, DVB/SCPC is generally the preferred choice. The exception is for applications which need minimal latency, e.g. Voice-over-IP, where SCPC/SCPC provides some advantage.
Are there alternatives for dedicated bandwidth?
In case of service to just one station, e.g. for Service Providers (ISP) in need of a high-speed Internet backbone connection, a SCPC/SCPC or DVB/SCPC solution is to be recommended. However, if the satellite network consists of many terminals, a LinkStar™ based “IP Connect” service package is a particularly economic solution. With IP Connect all the terminals can share the dedicated satellite bandwidth. Moreover, the LinkStar™ hardware is very cost effective.

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Activation, Payment & Support

How can I order equipment and services?
Just send an e-mail with your complete address and specify what you want to order. You will receive a pro-forma invoice from atrexx with banking details. If you agree, you pay the amount of the invoice. The equipment will be shipped after your funds have hit atrexx’ bank account.
What are terms of payment?
All business with atrexx is based on pre-payment of goods and services. Accepted payment methods are wire transfer to atrexx’ bank account and cash.
Will Value Added TAX (VAT) be added to the prices?
VAT of 16% has to be paid if the equipment is sold in Germany. VAT also applies to buyers in the European Union, who do not possess a valid VAT ID number. For equipment which is exported outside the EU, atrexx will reimburse VAT, after reception of the stamped export document.
Is there a set-up fee for activating a 2way2sat DVB or SCPC terminal?
An activation fee is needed for all DVB and SCPC service contracts, except for DVB one-way services. Details are outlined in the price list.
What is the payment scheme for 2way2sat DVB/SCPC and SCPC/SCPC services?
The standard payment scheme for 2way2sat services is one month service fee in advance. Some customers prefer to pay for a full year in advance, as in this case only one wire transfer per year is needed.
What about a deposit for service fees?
atrexx require a deposit amounting to one month service fee for 2way2sat DVB/SCPC and SCPC/SCPC services. Pre-payment of the deposit and the first month service is needed before any terminal will go online.
What's the minimum contract term? Is it possible to be 3 or 6 months?   
The minimum term for 2way2sat DVB/SCPC and SCPC/SCPC services is 3 months. Thereafter the contract automatically renews with one month’s termination notice.
How fast can a DVB/SCPC or SCPC/SCPC service be activated?
The activation normally takes place within two weeks after reception of both the filled-in commissioning sheet and the service fee. In urgent cases atrexx will try to arrange an even shorter date.
Can atrexx ship the equipment to my country?
atrexx ships world-wide. Our forwarder calculates the cost of shipment - either air freight or sea freight - and atrexx adds this amount to the invoice.
Do you have a refund policy?
atrexx works hard to satisfy our customers and our services work as specified. Therefore no need arises for refunding. With regard to equipment, refunding would not be possible, once the equipment exported to distant countries.
What is the warranty for equipment and services?
atrexx honors a warranty period of 1 year after the purchase date for all equipment sold to resellers. We also provide free online time for possible outages of the service which would be longer than the guaranteed availability of 98.5% of the time of year.
Who provides support for 2way2sat?
Level 1 support is provided by the local atrexx reseller. atrexx provides free Level 2 support for all 2way2sat customers. If needed, telephone and – exceptionally- on-site support (at cost) is offered. Outside the normal business hours, Level 2 support is provided 24/7 by the Network Operation Center (NOC).

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