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Intersputnik LMI-1 @ 75° EAST (A Beam)

LMI was launched 1999 as a product of a joint venture between Intersputnik and Lockheed Martin Corporation. The satellite in geostationary orbit at 75° Easta has a payload of 44 high-power transponders consists of two payload modules: one C-band module and one Ku-band module.

The C-band module generates two beams (A and B) with hemi-global coverage. The Ku-band module generates a northern and a southern beam.

The satellite is designed for an in-orbit lifetime till 2014. The unique footprints fulfills the growing requirements for reliable and high-quality services all over Russia and the CIS, Europe, South and South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

C-Band: Two Way DVB/SCPC and One-Way DVB Service
2way2sat - Internet via Satellite solution for ISPs, Corporate Customers, VoIP-Providers

Satellite Standard C-Band, Stable Orbit
Service One-way DVB and two-way DVB/SCPC Backbone Connection: 100% Committed Information Rate (CIR)
Forward Channel: DVB
Return Channel: SCPC
Bandwidth 128 kbps - 45 Mbps DVB-Outbound
64 kbps - 10Mbps SCPC-Inbound
DVB-Outbound with burst as option
Coverage South-East Asia, China, Japan, Australia
Antennas 2.4 - 3.8 m, C-Band linear polarization: cross-polar
Options Additional IP Addresses
AS/BGP4 routing
Proxy Server for Return (one-way)
Terms 3 month contract with monthly renewal thereafter. One month deposit. One-time implementation fee.

LMI-1 offers a high quality, through affordable, one way or two-way Internet via Satellite solution with Up-Link in Europe. The tremendous footprint covering not only large parts of South Asia and Central Asia, but also nearly the entire European and African continent, makes LMI-1 an ideal candidate for a satellite based corporate network.

ServiceBandwidthContention Ratio
2W2-D100 DVB-Outbound: 128 kbps-45Mbps; SCPC Inbound 64kbps-10Mbps Contention Ratio 1:1
2W2-D150 DVB-Outbound: 128 kbps-45Mbps; Burst +50% bandwidth;
SCPC-Inbound: 64kbps-10Mbps
Contention Ratio 1:1
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