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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you find answers to LinkStar based 2way2sat services. If your specific question is not included, do not hesitate to ask the atrexx team by using the contact button at the end of the list.


2way2sat Technology and Applications

What are the advantages of 2way2sat services compared to terrestrial Internet?
LinkStar based 2way2sat offers a broadband Internet service which is completely independent from a local telco company. The persuasive bandwidth is comparable and exceeds the performance of DSL and cable modems. The always-on functionality and the fair-use flat rate are other important features.
What are the data rate limits of a LinkStar based service?
Upstream (inbound) a LinkStar terminal can support a maximum of 1 Mbps. Downstream it can be up to 8 MBps – if you buy the corresponding service level!
My company prefers to own a hub for our corporate network. Is this a sound idea?
Unless your company is a large corporation, the answer is clearly “No”. The needed investment for a redundant TDMA hub alone - for shared bandwidth services - is in the region of half a million US$. Add to this the cost of the teleport infrastructure, the satellite bandwidth and the connection to the Internet backbone. And then you begin to climb the learning curve of a service operator …
How can we control our corporate network, if we do not own the hub?
After understanding well your exact requirements, atrexx will propose equipment to be co-located at the Network Operation Center (NOC). This may include a bandwidth management and monitoring system. It will allow your company to define and implement the QoS for your applications and terminals.

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2way2sat for Africa

Is Ku-Band or C-Band preferable in Africa?
Because of C-Band’s lower sensitivity to rain attenuation, C-Band systems exhibit a more constant signal strength. However, due to the fact that Ku-band antennas of the same size feature a much higher gain, Ku-band system feature a higher margin for rain attenuation. Thus, if properly designed, both Ku-Band and C-Band systems work equally well, with the advantage of lower hardware cost going to the Ku-Band system. atrexx has precise link budgets available for the entire African continent with yearly availability of the VSAT as a function of antenna size and transmitter power.
Does an antenna size of 1.2 m work very well on the Eutelsat W3A satellite?
A 1.2 m antenna together with a 2 W BUC is the standard solution for 2way2sat services over Sub-Saharan Africa via Eutelsat W3A. In equatorial areas a 1.8 m antenna will provide a higher availability of the service during the raining season. A 90 cm antenna is sufficient in the South of the continent – in South Africa and neighboring countries.
How can I check during daytime whether the 2way2sat@night service works correctly?
While the 2way2sat@night service does not allow Internet traffic during daytime, it is possible to ping any IP address at any time. atrexx recommends to ping the DNS of the hub, as communicated when commissioning. 

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Shared and Dedicated Bandwidth services

What is the difference between the IP Access and IP Connect Services?
IP Access provides a Fast Internet Access Service on a shared bandwidth basis, with different data rates available - up to 2048 kbps downstream and up to 1024 kbps upstream. IP Connect is a premium service with a dedicated (i.e. non-shared) data rate from 64 kbps to 8 Mbps, allocated exclusively to one customer. IP-Connect allows the customer to share the dedicated bandwidth among the terminals of his (corporate) network.
What is the minimum guaranteed bandwidth for IP Access shared bandwidth services?
atrexx guarantees the minimum bandwidth in both upstream and downstream to exceed at all times the maximum advertised bandwidth divided by the contention ratio, e.g. divided by 3 for the IP-Cyber service package. A lower contention ratio results in a service with a more constant bandwidth than for a service with a higher contention rate, where differences between peak and off-peak hours may be more noticeable. To make sure that users can experience the MAXIMUM bandwidth as often as possible we have to enforce, however, strictly the “Fair-Use Flat Rate” policy.
What can I understand by "Fair-Use Flat Rate" policy?
The concept of "Fair-Use Flat Rate" applies to the shared bandwidth IP Access services only: The subscription to the service is based on a monthly flat fee, rather than invoicing the traffic on a volume basis. However, in order to guarantee a fair access to everybody, excessive consumption (e.g. streaming media or file sharing on a peer-to-peer network) is not allowed. The critical daily or monthly volume is a function of the maximum data rate and the contention rate. In case of excessive consumption, the data rate will be temporarily limited and the user will downgraded on the priority level.
What happens if a user repeatedly violates the "Fair-Use Flat Rate" policy?
In the case of abuse, atrexx will invite the customer to upgrade his service, to respond to his needs. If the user does not follow this invitation, we will downgrade his station's priority in the sharing algorithm, This may result in the guaranteed parameters not be met at all times, depending on the traffic.
Is the number of maximum number of TCP connections of limited?
In order to prevent a service targeted to SOHO be used by an Internet Café with some 30 computers, the maximum number of TCP connections is a function of the number of IP addresses which are part of the purchased service package.
What are possible applications for IP Connect?
The IP Connect service can be used for all applications which are based on IP connectivity, including Corporate Networks (WAN, VPN), Video Streaming, Distance Education, Videoconferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP).
Are there alternatives for dedicated bandwidth?
LinkStar based IP Connect dedicated bandwidth service is a particularly economical solution several or many terminals share the bandwidth. If the dedicated bandwidth is only needed by one VSAT, as is the case for e.g. Service Providers (ISP) in need for a high-speed Internet backbone connection, the more classical SCPC/SCPC or DVB/SCPC solutions are often to be recommended.

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Connection to a LAN / W-LAN

How do I connect a PC or a Local Area Network (LAN) to the 2way2sat terminal?
The indoor unit (IDU) of the LinkStar terminal provides a 10/100 MBps Ethernet Interface which allows you to directly connect a single computer or router (via a crossed-over Ethernet cable) or a network hub and switch (via a standard Ethernet cable).
Can I connect the 2way2sat terminal to a wireless LAN (W-LAN) network?
Yes, trough the Ethernet interface it is possible to connect directly a wireless access point or wireless bridge. No access PC or workstation is needed. However, for distributing the bandwidth to many terminals, a dedicated bandwidth IP Connect service is needed.
How many IP addresses do you provide with each system?
In addition to the IP address of the terminal, IP Access service packages feature either 5 or 13 or 29 (static, but private) IP addresses per terminal. The IP addresses allow to set-up a small Local Area Network (LAN) without the need of a router.
What is the maximum numbers of computers I can connect to a LinkStar terminal?
The maximum number of PCs to connect depends on the service package you have subscribed to. Generally the number IP addresses provided in the service package corresponds to the absolute maximum number of PCs to be connected to the terminal. The recommended number of PCs is about half this maximum number.
Can I use my existing RIPE IP Addresses for the service?
As an option, a customer of IP Connect service can use the existing RIPE IP-Addresses. The addresses will be integrated into our system at cost.
Is Linux possible as primary Operating System?
The 2way2sat LinkStar terminal is an independent station, with no PC needed for operation. Thus the operation system of the computers connected to the LAN is irrelevant, as long as it supports the Internet Protocol (IP). This is the case of all modern operating systems, including Linux and MAC OS.

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Installation and Support

Who can install the system?
The terminal has to be installed by a certified installer. Indeed special skills for installing and commissioning are needed, which go well beyond the installation of a satellite reception-only system. atrexx have developed a comprehensive installation manual which accompanies each shipment and provide our customers with a list of certified installers in their region.
Can I become a certified installer?
Professionals and resellers successfully completing a one-day seminar can become a certified installer. Prior experience in installing VSAT equipment is highly useful, but not a pre-requisite.
I have installers who currently install LinkStar systems on another satellite, do they need any other form of training to effectively do antenna pointing to your service?
No, apart from the high-band LNB, there should be little difference in the set-up between your current provider and atrexx 2way2sat services on Eutelsat satellites.
Who provides support for 2way2sat?
Level 1 support is provided by the local atrexx reseller. atrexx provides free Level 2 support for all 2way2sat customers. If needed, telephone and exceptionally on-site support (at cost) is offered. Outside the normal business hours Level 2 support is provided 24/7 by the Network Operation Center (NOC).

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Reseller Policies

What's your definition of a reseller?
A reseller is a professional or a company that does not use the equipment and services purchased from atrexx for their own purpose but, but resells them to end-users. The reseller normally also provides installation of the equipment and in any case provides level 1 support to the end-user.
Can I sell 2way2sat services exclusively in my country?
It is atrexx' company policy not to grant territorial exclusivity to any reseller. This allows a reseller to resell hardware and services also in neighboring countries – in principle world-wide.
What is the minimum order quantity for a reseller?
Normally we expect resellers to buy several systems per order. However, for demonstration purposes, a single system can be ordered.
According to your policy, as a reseller, shall I pay the subscription of my customers or have they to pay by themselves?
As atrexx only has a contractual relation with the reseller, it is the reseller who pays the subscription fees to atrexx. The reseller is free to promote the services with prices as acceptable in his market.
Can I, as a reseller, have a terminal blocked if my customer does not pay?
Yes, terminals can be blocked temporarily upon request of a reseller. A terminal can also be completely disconnected from the network. A reconnection fee applies in this last case.

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Ordering, Payment, and Activation

How can I order equipment and services?
Just send an e-mail with your complete address and specify what you want to order. You will receive a pro-forma invoice from atrexx with banking details. If you agree, you pay the amount of the invoice. The equipment will be shipped after your funds have hit atrexx’ bank account.
Will Value Added TAX (VAT) be added to the prices?
VAT of 16% has to be paid if the equipment is sold in Germany. VAT also applies to buyers in the European Union, who do not possess a valid VAT ID number. For equipment which is exported outside the EU, atrexx will reimburse VAT, after reception of the stamped export document.
Is there a set-up fee for activating a LinkStar terminal?
atrexx offers service packages with and without activation fee. Generally, service contracts with a one-year term are not subject to an activation fee. An activation fee is needed for short-term contracts. Details are outlined in the price list.
What is the payment scheme for 2way2sat services?
Due to the banking fees, the high organization level and because of the required commitment of the customer, the standard payment scheme for LinkStar based 2way2sat services is three month in advance. Some customers prefer to pay for a full year in advance, as in this case only one wire transfer per year is needed.
What about a deposit for service fees?
atrexx does not require a deposit for 2way2sat LinkStar based services. However, pre-payment of 3 months service fee is needed before any terminal will go online.
What's the minimum contract term? Is it possible to be 3 or 6 months?
The minimum term for most 2way2sat services is 12 months. There are also contracts with a minimum period of 1 month. Payment is in any case quarterly in advance, with refund possibility for monthly contracts.
How fast can a terminal be commissioned?
The commissioning date is normally within 4 working days after reception of both the filled-in commissioning sheet and the service fee. In urgent cases atrexx will try to arrange an even shorter date.
How fast can a terminal be commissioned?
The commissioning date is normally within 4 working days after reception of both the filled-in commissioning sheet and the service fee. In urgent cases atrexx will try to arrange an even shorter date.
Can atrexx ship the equipment to my country?
atrexx ships world-wide. Our forwarder calculates the cost of shipment - either air freight or sea freight, whatever you prefer - and atrexx adds this amount to the invoice.
Do you have a refund policy?
atrexx works hard to satisfy our customers and our services work as specified. Therefore no need arises for refunding. With regard to equipment, refunding would not be possible, once the equipment exported distant countries.
What is the warranty for equipment and services?
atrexx honors a warranty period of 1 year after the purchase date for all equipment sold to resellers. We also provide free online time for possible outages of the service which would be longer than the guaranteed availability of 98.5% of the time of year.

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2way2sat - Broadband Internet Service: LinkStar Indoor UnitLinkStar: Indoor Unit

The IDU is an integrated unit. The MPEG-2 stream is recovered from the outbound signal by an integrated circuit consisting of a DVB demodulator and demultiplexer
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