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LinkStar: Management & Control

LinkStar management and control functions are performed by the NMS (Network Management System), the NCC (Network Control System) and RNCCs (one Regional NCC per outbound carrier).

The LinkStar network NMS, because of its web-based design, is very user-friendly and flexible. It performs the traditional NMS functions of Configuration, Control, Performance, and Alarm Management, as well as Accounting, and User Administration. It also provides an interface to download software to the RCSTs from the hub.

Figure 4 - LinkStar NMS Architecture

In turn, the NCC is responsible for managing Regional NCCs (RNCCs), managing the overall allocation of blocks of bandwidth to individual regions, providing an interface to the NMS, SNMP code for configuration and management of the network, and providing an interface for the storage and retrieval of configuration information.

Figure 5 - LinkStar NCC Architecture

A LinkStar network may have one or more RNCCs, one for each outbound carrier. The RNCC is responsible for the management of all RCSTs associated with its region and outbound carrier. RNCC functions include, for example, the allocation of bandwidth within the region, acquisition and dissemination of configuration information, and management of RCST acquisition and synchronization.

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