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2way2sat - Internet via Satellite for South America and the Caribbean


Intelsat 903 @ 34.5° West

C-Band: Two-way SCPC/SCPC Service
2way2sat - Internet via Satellite solution for ISPs, Corporate Customers, VoIP-Providers

Satellite Standard C-Band, Stable Orbit solution Intelsat 903 34.5° West: Dedicated Internet via Satellite Services to South America and the Caribbean
Service Two-way SCPC/SCPC Backbone Connection: 100% Committed Information Rate (CIR)
Forward Channel: SCPC
Return Channel: SCPC
Bandwidth 256 kbps-45 Mbps SCPC
256 kbps-10Mbps SCPC


Coverage South America and the Caribbean
Antennas 2.4 - 3.8 m, linear polarization: cross-polar
Options Additional IP Addresses
AS/BGP4 routing
Proxy Server for Return (one-way)
Terms 12 month contract with monthly renewal thereafter. Advance payment.
One month deposit. One-time implementation fee.

Intelsat 903 offers a high quality two-way Internet via Satellite solution with Up-Link in Europe. The satellite is the ideal solution for South Central America and the Caribbean.

Service Bandwidth Contention Ratio
2W2-S100, SCPC/SCPC SCPC-Outbound: 256kbps-10Mbps;
SCPC- Inbound: 256kbps-10Mbps 
Contention Ratio 1:1 
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