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LinkStar: DVB-RCS Topology Star Satellite Communication System

LinkStarTM is a two-way broadband satellite communications system for Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity over satellite. LinkStar consists of one or more central stations - the hub -, many remote VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals), and appropriate management and control subsystems. The remote VSAT - called the Return Channel Satellite Terminal (RCST) - is a small, low cost terminal designed for multimedia broadband connectivity in networks with a large number of sites.

Because of the low cost of the remote terminal, LinkStar™ is an ideal solution for enterprises and service providers (e.g., VPNs and ISPs) that need broadband IP connectivity for multimedia applications over a large geographic area. A single hub can connect up to 10,000 remote terminals, and a multi-hub LinkStar system can integrate as many as 100,000 remotes into a single network.

Product Overview

LinkStar™ is designed to offer high-throughput connectivity between a large number of remote users and one or more hubs, configured in a "star" network topology. The connectivity is asymmetric, with a large capacity outbound satellite link from the hub to the remote terminals, and many medium capacity inbound satellite links from the remotes to the hub.

The LinkStar system consists of the following:

  1. One or more hubs
  2. Return Channel Satellite Terminals (RCST)
  3. Network Management System (NMS) & Network Control Center (NCC)
  4. Space Segment.

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2way2sat - Broadband Internet Service: LinkStar Indoor UnitLinkStar: Indoor Unit

The IDU is an integrated unit. The MPEG-2 stream is recovered from the outbound signal by an integrated circuit consisting of a DVB demodulator and demultiplexer
2way2sat - Broadband Internet Service: LinkStar Indoor UnitLinkStar: Outdoor unit

The ODU consists of an antenna (90cm, 1.2m, 1.8m or 2.4m) and an RF power amplifier and low noise receiver