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SCPC Single Channel per Carrier on iDirect Modem

Professional satellite users often need guaranteed network performance for VoIP, cellular backhaul, or other bandwidth intensive applications. An iSCPC - iDirect based SCPC - connection provides high speeds, reliable connectivity and cost effective, efficient bandwidth. iSCPC fulfils all networking challenges in a point-to-point as well as in a point-to-multipoint connection.

Developed specifically to meet the most demanding customer requirements, the iSCPC solution combines the benefits of a dedicated networking connection with IP throughput speeds of 18 MBps and the network flexibility that iDirect is known for. In addition, iSCPC simplifies network management by providing a satellite modem, IP router, LAN switch, TCP Acceleration, optional TCP payload compression and encryption technology all within a single compact terminal.

And, unlike other SCPC platforms, an capable iSCPC iDirect terminal can be converted to a TDM/TDMA satellite router with a simple configuration download, allowing SCPC sites to migrate to a shared bandwidth environment. 

Internet via satellite can use Single Carrier per Channel (SCPC)iSCPC is a cost effective high quality Satellite IP network solution - hub based or hubless - combining flexibility and scalability .  

iDirect iSCPC benefits

  • Broadband speeds up to 18 MBps
  • Low priced modems
  • Easy migration to a shared TDMA environment
  • QoS to support for toll quality voice and video
  • Built-in TCP Acceleration
  • Integrated 8 Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch
  • Optional payload compression
  • Embedded 3DES/AES encryption as an option
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Turbo Product Codes on the forward and return channel enable cost-effective Outdoor Units (ODU)
  • Support for 1.2 Carrier Spacing delivers 14% savings in space segment 
  • Pure IP-over-the-air transport with much higher efficiency than TDMA solutions
  • Optional Data Compression provides higher bandwidth up to four times the capacity

atrexx' iSCPC services are part of a family of solutions designed to meet the communications challenges of customers in many parts of  the world. Satellites currently featuring atrexx' iSCPC include Arabsat 2B, Express AM1, Eutelsat W3A & W6, PamAmSat 1R & 10, SESAT 2.  

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