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2way2sat Vipersat Maritime Services

Vipersat Management System (VMS) automates the carrier switching and spectrum management processes within the satellite network. These capabilities allow SCPC carriers to be switched automatically based on application, load, or schedule, providing on-demand services and unparalleled space segment savings.

Vipersat Apllication: TelephonyVMS provides dynamic SCPC capacity management solutions. dSCPC facilitates bandwidth sharing resulting in lower space segment operating costs. Efficient, low latency and low jitter SCPC connections can be established, torn down, and dynamically resized manually or automatically.  VMS is scalable, designed to anticipate and accommodate future growth, and is capable of managing networks of any size. The satellite modems has the ability to transmit or receive STDMA burst and automatically request dSCPC circuits from the VMS,

Service Plans with Dynamic SCPC CIR

VMS is the engine that provides dSCPC bandwidth management of the space segment. When a remote in the network has an application to transport over the satellite link, dSCPC technology provides the mechanism to automatically establish the SCPC carrier for that transmission. dSCPC resizes the carrier based on the increase or decrease in applications being sent over the link, and it returns the remote to its home state once the application is completed. dSCPC yields true bandwidth-on-demand, giving the user the low-latency, low-jitter dedicated SCPC connection when it is needed for real-time applications, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), video conference, broadcasts and large applications (file or image transfers).

Each remote can be configured to support automatic load and/or application switching. While using load switching the buffer status of the remote is monitored and based on pre-set values the remote can switch automatically to a higher SCPC carrier rate. By application switching the protocol detection occurs also in the remote. A switch command can be triggered on any type of application and Type of Service (TOS) is fully supported.

The following Service Plans are available:

Service Plan

Contention Ratio

Guaranteed Bandwitdh (CIR) equals

One particular vessels shares the contracted MIR bandwidth



MIR / 2

with another vessel



MIR / 5

with 4 other vessels



MIR / 10

with 9 other vessels



MIR / 15

with 14 other vessels

 Bandwidth available in the pool, in addition of the CIR, is allocated dynamically to the connected users up to the contracted MIR, and with higher priority to customers with higher contracted MIR.

Coverage of Global Sea Routes

The Vipersat based 2way2sat maritime VSAT service covers in Ku-Band the major shipping routes world-wide with multiple satellites and uplink facilities. By adding in the future new beams to the platform, the global connectivity is expected to further expand.


Global Sea Routes Satellite Coverage

Satellite On The Move

Comtech EF Data has developed Satellite On The Move (SOTM) technology that provides a global coverage method of dynamic satellite hopping to maintain communications and extend the advantages of dynamic single channel per carrier (dSCPC) within a Vipersat network. This method allows a mobile remote satellite station on-board a roaming oceanic vessel to transition between satellite or hub coverage connections with minimal service interruption.

The Vipersat Roaming Oceanic Satellite Server (ROSS) is one of the key components in the mobile satellite solution system. In conjunction with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), the ROSS performs satellite antenna re-point and information gathering and thus ensures the capability to transfer remote sites from one satellite connection to another as the vessel moves between multiple satellite coverage areas. In addition, the ROSS provides alternate configuration files for the modem that can be mapped to specific regions of a satellite's coverage area. When a transition requirement is identified, the ROSS will push new pointing information to the ACU and provide the new transmission parameters to the satellite modem that are required for service area handoff.

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