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Maritime VSAT Technology

atrexx develops world-class IP based applications for the maritime market. Depending on the bandwidth of the purchased service package, some or all the following applications are supported

IP Platform for all applicationsMaritime VSAT IP Platform Technology

  • Internet, E-mail
  • Voice and Fax (VoIP)
  • Streaming Media , Video conferencing
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • ERP, Intranet
  • Electronic Chart Updates
  • Data for Fuel Optimization Programs
  • Remote PC Maintenance
  • Interactive Distance Learning
  • Server Replication, Software Distribution

atrexx employs two leading VSAT technologies: iDirect Evolution and Comtech Vipersat . Both IP platforms are managed 24-7 by the Network Operations Centre (NOC):

  • The iDirect platform produces a high level of Quality of Service in an environment where sporadic use allows for sharing of bandwidth resource among several vessels. iDirect thus is the ideal solution for companies seeking cost-effectiveness, reliability and flexibility at a competitive price. It is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses which focus on a reliable connection for non-realtime applications such as Internet and E-Mail. iDirect gives them a shared solution with a portion of guaranteed bandwidth (CIR- Committed Information Rate).
  • In environments where many heavy users tend to transmit time sensitive data (e.g. voice, videoconference) and large file transfers simultaneously, Vipersat capacity makes it worth of serious considering. Vipersat service offering is suitable for users that have a need for temporary dial up or leased line type based applications. Vipersat provides an SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) connection exclusively set-up for one vessel during the time period it is needed by the application.
Both VSAT platforms, iDirect and Vipersat, offer fully automated seamless switching from one satellite to another as vessels move in the service aggregate coverage zone.

For security reasons, an end-to-end VPN connection between the shipping company’s headquarters and the vessels can be set-up. This Virtual Private Network allows to extend the corporate network to the sea while voice and data is totally secured. atrexx has extensive expertise in VPN via Satellite and is able to provide integration and optimization services.

fon4all prepaid Voice-over-IP Service
atrexx is able to provide our fon4all VoIP solution to the a maritime environment. The prepaid voice service features attractive per minute rates, comparable to those of the most competitive land based telephone companies. It allows to set-up a personal account for every crew member, allowing them to make an outbound call, after entering a PIN. Users can easily credit their account through online payment, without any involvement of the ship operator.

Inbound calling is also possible: fon4all allows one or more telephone numbers of the fixed network from the country - and often from the city - where the ship operator is headquartered to be routed to the telephones onboard the vessel, for a modest monthly fee. The inbound calls themselves are for free!

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ISO 9001 2008atrexx' Certified Quality Management System

atrexx has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 which has been certified by DQS and IQNet.
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