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Comprehensive Professional Services

In the consultative selling process atrexx provides assistance and consultation on all issues relating to the use of VSAT onboard a vessel, including bandwidth management, control of access and network security

  • A Single Point of Contact
    IT managers desire a maritime solution that includes bandwidth, hardware, bandwidth management software and a value added service, all managed through one point of contact. By providing a turn-key experience, atrexx takes complete responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the service and provides to customer a one stop service management and problem resolution.
  • Site SurveyProfessional Engineering Services
    An atrexx engineer surveys the installation site onboard the vessel and proposes the best position for installing the antenna to avoid blockages and provide the Inmarsat back-up service if ordered.
  • Installation & Maintenance
    For each vessel atrexx will send technicians to do the installation including mechanical work of setting up the pole to install the antenna on. For maintenance on broken parts with warranty a RMA procedure is valid. atrexx needs broken parts back before replacements will be sent.
  • Customer Monitoring / Network Visualization
    Continuous ping to or SNMP data retrieval from each element of the VSAT allows to detect problems before they occur. If a critical threshold is exceeded an alarm is generated.
  • Remote IT and Systems Management
    Given the fact that maritime VSAT systems are dependent on several network elements, the potential for system failure always exists. For vessels operating in a trans-oceanic environment where critical systems may go down far from shore, the inclusion of a remote maintenance capability, or “back door to the system”, is a crucial requirement. It allows atrexx to access the hardware and software infrastructure aboard the vessel if the VSAT system fails and provide remote maintenance via the Inmarsat backup system. atrexx’ team of network technicians can remotely handle standard maintenance and problem resolution for onboard communication equipment as well as vessel’s IT systems.
  • Business Continuity Service
    atrexx provides a remote diagnostic solution that monitors onboard network activity. If service is interrupted, the system can facilitate an auto-switchover to operate to another satellite band, preserving network uptime and avoiding service visits.

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2way2sat Broadband Maritime VSAT services can improve operational efficiency and lower costsOffice at Sea

When a corporate company network is interconnected with ships, a ship then becomes an office at sea, linked up to the headquarters and other vessels
Retention of skilled personnel is a serious issue. 2way2sat Broadband Maritime VSAT allows to increase crew welfare by providing more of the home comforts while at seaCrew Welfare

Crew members can phone their loved ones as regularly as they would do while on shore. With wireless access in cabin, they will enjoy privacy