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Mobile Satellite Services - BGAN

BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) marks a quantum leap in mobile satellite services. BGAN is the first mobile satellite service integrating voice and broadband data and featuring global accessibility. BGAN delivers broadband data and voice, through a portable device, anywhere on the planet.


Through BGAN, subscribers to the service access the Internet or their corporate network at speeds comparable to land-based broadband services. All desktop applications including e-mail, messenger, http, ftp and secure virtual private network (VPN) connection can be remotely accessed. Subscribers can make and receive telephone calls and SMS - at the same time!

The easy to use device provides shared access to the Internet and telephony service to fixed, mobile and satellite networks world-wide. As an option, CIR (Committed Information Rates) on demand are available for streaming media and other critical applications needing guaranteed performance.

These innovative features enable BGAN to extend the boundaries of the broadband mobile office that 3G cellular services are only starting to deliver - and only in a few places in the world.


What is BGAN intended for?

BGAN enables users nearly everywhere on earth to connect trough a laptop to the Internet and to their corporate network, at speeds up to half a megabit per second, and to make and receive telephone calls and SMS.


Subscribers' Login

BGAN - Broadband Global Area NetworkBGAN - Broadband Global Area Network

BGAN enables subscribers of the service to access data applications at broadband speed and make phone calls at the same time - wherever they are on the planet!