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BGAN - Broadband Global Area Network

BGAN is a powerful mobile communications solution for anyone who works or travels in locations where the local telecoms networks are unreliable or simply non-existent. BGAN enables users to be just as productive away from the office as when they are back at base.

BGAN provides secure and reliable access to standard desktop applications at speeds to match terrestrial broadband services. What's more, you don't need any specialist technical expertise to set up or use BGAN. BGAN Inmarsat Logo - Mobile Satellite solution from atrexxBGAN's superior performance, portability and ease of use make it a compelling proposition for journalists, military personnel, aid workers and other established users of mobile satellite services. But, BGAN also brings the benefits of mobile satellite communications to new users, such as civil engineers, consultants, researchers, project managers and sales executives, to name just a few. BGAN's inherent flexibility makes it a practical solution in a varied and growing number of sectors - as well as for multiple operational roles within individual industries. 

BGAN - Mobile Satellite Services Key benefits:

  • Near Global Coverage soon
  • Simultaneous Voice and Broadband Data
  • Independent of any telecoms infrastructure
  • Portable, flexible, reliable  and easy to use
  • Secure Usage and online customizable Firewall Service
  • Shared bandwidth mode with maximum data rate send 464 kbps and receive 448 kbps
  • Guaranteed Data Rates for Streaming IP as an option
  • Always-on functionality
  • All types of VPN supported
  • Access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) including an Inbound Telephone Number
  • Competitive monthly service Rates and Packages including Data Volume and Voice Minutes

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BGAN enables subscribers to access data applications at broadband speed and at the same time make phone calls - wherever they are on the planet.

Subscribers' Login

The BGAN service is accessible via a range of small, lightweight satellite terminalsThe broadband mobile office

The BGAN service is accessible via a range of small, lightweight satellite terminals with options for single users or small teams.
Explorer 500 - Mobile Satellite SolutionBGAN Terminal Specifications

The Explorer 500 meets the needs of a mobile office with simultaneous voice and broadband data wherever it is requested.
BGAN service applicationsBGAN Applications

The BGAN satellite IP modem provides simultaneous voice and and IP based broadband services to professionals on the move.
BGAN covers most of the world's landmassBGAN Coverage

BGAN delivers seamless network coverage across most of the world's landmass. It enables users to enjoy the benefits of broadband connectivity wherever they go