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Expand your Corporate Boundaries with the Advantages of Satellite

atrexx works with major satellite operators to provide optimum turn-key solutions for data networks. Worldwide customers include corporations, governmental and military administrations, and non-profit organizations. They admire the reliability of satellite as well as atrexx' experience and professionalism.
IP-based Satellite NetworksVoIP - Satellite Solution
fon4all is designed and proven with 2way2sat Broadband Satellite and Internet over Satellite connections
IP-based Satellite NetworksIP-based Satellite Networks
IP-based satellite networks are used in a number of scenarios to connect remote sites to headquarters.
Corporate Networks and VPNCorporate Networks and VPN
Corporate network solutions ensure high-speed, satellite-based access for data, voice and video, anywhere and anytime



atrexx' network engineering team works out a tailor-made solution which fits the specific demands of your network. You will receive a complete offer including transmission planning, with optimization of the space segment cost. All necessary hardware components will be shipped to your remote sites world-wide. Installation and training can also be provided.

Corporate Networks without BoundariesThe nature of satellite results in more efficiency for one-to-many links than may be available by any conventional means.

  • Satellites have the advantage of coverage nationally, internationally, and between continents. The coverage can be tailored for specific regions, and the capacity can be partitioned to provide access for public and private networks. Transmission via satellite is not affected by national borders and its cost is not distance-related.

  • For business users the attraction is the ability to establish a network specifically dimensioned for the required service in terms of demand, performance, and geographical distribution, with the capability to add growth where the market dictates.

  • Satellite terminals can be installed quickly without any existing telecommunication infrastructure, and are thus a viable means of providing service to a remote location, whether this is a construction site or a small island.

  • Satellite terminals are more transportable than fixed links and they lend themselves to mobile services such as those required by ships and other forms of transport. Their independence from other networks may make them more secure and offer unrivaled back-up possibilities.  

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Internet Access and Backbone ConnectionInternet Access and Backbone Connection

Satellite networks can be used in a number of scenarios when customers need to connect remote locations to central headquarters or provide distributed access to high-bandwidth resources, such as the Internet.
fon4all offers a sophisticated VoIP communications solutionVoIP - Satellite Solution

fon4all offers a sophisticated VoIP communications solution. The system is designed and proven with 2way2sat - broadband satellite and Internet over Satellite connections.
VSAT describes a small terminal that can be used for one-way and/or interactive communications via satelliteVSAT Benefits

VSAT network advantages include ubiquity, quick deployment capability, voice and data communication functionality, and cost-control
Corporate Networks and VPN for private and public network communications solutionsCorporate Networks and VPN

Satellite systems can be used for interactive communications. VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services for private and public network communications solutions