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2way2sat iDirect Maritime Services

2way2sat Broadband Maritime iDirect based services are unique, not only for its competitive price and fast connections, but also because it offers guaranteed bandwidth, an advanced online monitoring system and support for multiple simultaneous telephone lines.

Service Plans with QoS

Guaranteed bandwidth (CIR – Committed Information Rate) and Quality of Service (QoS) are defined in the respective Service Level Agreement (SLA). Committed Information Rates (CIR) can be set for specific onboard applications, with the ability with the ability to burst into Maximum Information Rate (MIR) based on the fleet’s bandwidth pool. Atrexx can tailor Service Level Agreements to meet the real-time bandwidth need of each vessel, while enabling cost effective sharing of satellite capacity.

The following Service Plans are available:

Service Plan

Contention Ratio

Guaranteed Bandwitdh (CIR) equals

One particular vessels shares the contracted MIR bandwidth



MIR / 2

with another vessel



MIR / 5

with 4 other vessels



MIR / 10

with 9 other vessels



MIR / 15

with 14 other vessels

Bandwidth available in the pool, in addition of the CIR, is allocated dynamically to the connected users up to the contracted MIR and with higher priority to customers with higher contracted MIR.

Regional Coverage

2way2sat Broadband Maritime iDirect based services are currently available on the Express AM22 and the Turksat 1C satellites. The combined footprints provide coverage of all European and North African sea regions and some areas of the Middle East.

Express AM 22 Wide BeamTurksat 1C

Automatic Beam Switch (ABS)

As vessels move from one beam coverage to the next the IP service is maintained using three functions built into the Service:
  • Map server at the onshore hub: stores detailed calculated link quality information of over 50,000 points within each coverage map
  • Map client of the onboard modem: requests periodical updates from the map server on the satellite coverage grid with respect to its current position (obtained by GPS receiver built into the antenna)
  • Beam selector algorithm built into the modem: determines which satellite to work with and when to initiate beam switching and repointing of the antenna.
During repointing the antenna there is an anticipated service downtime of less than 5min. After automatic beam switching the IP addresses are left unchanged.

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