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BGAN Rental

Renting an BGAN terminal is a cost-effective way for those that need the equipment only for a limited time. Be it for a scientific mission, a hiking trip to distant regions or a world-tour.

The standard BGAN Rental Kit is available for only $8.90 per day. This amount includes the subscription fee to the service. Prepaid Service Packages cover usage charges.

Equipment is readily available and can be in your hands in a few days. Ask for the Rental Agreement!

BGAN Rental

Rent only

$ 8.90 / day


Prepaid Service Package with 100 prepaid BGAN units: $ 85.50
  • No additional recurring fees during entire lifetime of SIM card
  • Customer can monitor traffic, balance, and top-up prepaid balance via Credit Card or through free Voice Response System (VRS)

Price Details of Internet Access / Outbound Calling  

BGAN Service type     Measure Unit Traffic Units
Standard IP per MB 9.10
Voice calls to fixed per minute 1.00
Voice calls to cellular per minute 1.20
Voice calls to BGAN/FBB/SBB per minute 1.50
Voice calls to SPS per minute 2.00
Voice calls voicemail per minute 1.00
SMS per SMS 0.50
BGAN Voice to MSS Service:    
Inmarsat B per minute 3.40
Inmarsat M per minute 2.90
Inmarsat Mini-M per minute 2.50
Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift Voice per minute 2.50
Inmarsat Aero Voice per minute 4.90
Iridium Voice per minute 5.70
Globalstar Voice per minute 5.70
Thuraya Voice per minute 4.00
Other MSS Carriers per minute 6.90



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The BGAN service is accessible via a range of small, lightweight satellite terminalsThe broadband mobile office

The BGAN service is accessible via a range of small, lightweight satellite terminals with options for single users or small teams.
BGAN service applicationsBGAN Applications

The BGAN satellite IP modem provides simultaneous voice and and IP based broadband services to professionals on the move.
BGAN covers most of the world's landmassBGAN Coverage

BGAN delivers seamless network coverage across most of the world's landmass. It enables users to enjoy the benefits of broadband connectivity wherever they go