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Professional VSAT Installation and Commissioning
For a TDMA return channel to work correctly the Network Operation Center needs to the geographical coordinates of the remote site with a maximum error of  2 Km: Longitude  (e.g. 7.13° East) and Latitude (e.g. 50.58° North), both wit two decimals from a GPS reading.

In case you do not have GPS equipment available, you can visit one of the websites on the right to find out the coordinates of your site. 


Google Earth

To find the correct satellite, both antenna look angles, azimuth and elevation, are needed

Calculation of azimuth, elevation, polarization, polar-mount angles and  offset antenna angles using predefined site and satellites positions.  The time of solar outage can be calculated, too.

Antenna look angles calculator

Antenna calculator for geostationary satellites, Ku-band 11/12 GHz

The professional F-Connectors which are part of atrexx Cable and Connector sets are manufactured by Cabelcon. As power supply for LNB and BUC is provided via the IFL cabling, careless mounting can cause short cuts or poor connection.

 Mounting instructions for Cabelcon screw, crimp and compression F-Connectors used by atrexx.




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Global frequency charts

Check Satellite Frequencies, Positions and Satellite Information



 Satellite Operators Eutelsat




  Intelsat www.intelsat.com


  SES-Americom www.ses-americom.com


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IP Network Calculation

This tool includes Subnet Mask Calculator, IP Address Converter, Subnet Mask Converter,  Subnet Mask Inverter

 Network Calculator


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Satellite News and Satellite Information

You hunt and seek for useful satellite information?


  Free space industry news on the web and by email to your desktop

Space Newsfeed

  Space Daily - Your Portal to Space

Space Daily


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