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Business Rules

atrexx Trading Platform currently includes the Market Exchange for satellite capacity and related resources and the Event Calendar for promoting up-link and production facilities at specific events. While all trades on the Market Exchange are handled by atrexx' professionals, the Event Calendar is open advertisement platform, designed for buyers to directly contact providers of the event specific facilities.

Common Rules of the Trading Platform

  • Only registered subscribers may add postings for offers and requests to the Trading platform.
  • All postings are accessible worldwide to everybody with an Internet access.
  • After a quick on-line registration, the subscriber is allowed to publish postings and to respond to postings.
  • For full registration, atrexx invites the subscriber to send a signed copy of the General Terms & Conditions by fax or post
  • atrexx returns a countersigned copy of the Terms & Conditions to the subscriber by post.
  • A subscriber may at any time update the registered information, with the exception of company name and person''s name. Such changes can only be performed by an atrexx administrator.
  • atrexx reserves the right of editorial changes to all postings. This includes the right to withdraw postings which are inadequate.
  • When a deal has been accepted, atrexx does not assume any responsibility or liability for the ultimate completion of the implied contract.
  • Continued disrespect of the Terms & Conditions or of the Business Rules will lead to a suspension of the subscriber.

Rules exclusive to the Market Exchange

  • A posting is always anonymous. The user must avoid all details which may lead to his or her identity.
  • Only registered subscribers may respond to postings.
  • The details of potential buyers will only be disclosed to fully registered subscribers who have signed the General Terms & Conditions.
  • Prior to disclosure of any for the posted resource the Seller has to sign a Broker Agreement for each request from a potential Buyer which provides evidence that the lead was originated by the atrexx Market Exchange.

Rules exclusive to the Event Calendar

  • Only offers of production and up-link facilities at specific political, cultural or sport events can be advertised at the Event Calendar.
  • Postings of such resources which, however, are not event specific are not allowed at the Event Calendar.
  • Non event specific postings can be entered at the Market Exchange and are governed by the rules of the Market Exchange.
  • A posting at the Event Calendar discloses the registered company contact data as default.
  • The  advertising supplier can edit this company contact data for a specific posting.
  • All visitors of Event Calendar may respond to the advertisement by contacting the supplier directly.

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