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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below please find answers to FAQ regarding the Trading Platform. If your specific question is not included, do not hesitate to ask the atrexx team by using the support contact link at the end of the list.


Trading Platform

What is he atrexx Trading Platform? 

The Trading Platform helps to bring buyers and sellers of satellite related resources and services together. The Platform currently includes the Market Exchange for satellite capacity and related resources and the Event Calendar for promoting up-link and production facilities at specific events. 

Who can use the Trading Platform? 

All postings are publicly accessible to everybody world-wide with an Internet access. However, postings at the Exchange Platform are only available in an anonymous form to protect the author’s privacy. 

Who can add postings to the Trading Platform?

Subscribers who have completed the online registration can add postings and respond to postings of other subscribers. 

How do the Market Exchange and the Event Calendar differentiate? 

At the Market Exchange, atrexx'' professionals handle all trades. Thus postings (requests and offers) at the Market Exchange are displayed without any reference to the author of the posting. In contrast, the Event Calendar is open advertisement platform, for buyers to directly contact providers of the event-specific facilities. While requests and offers can be posted at the Market Exchange, the Event Calendar only allows to post offers. 

What is the “Posting Updating Service”?  

When registering, the subscriber may choose to be alerted about new postings by e-mail on a daily or weekly basis. Latest industry news and atrexx product announcements complement this e-mail service. 

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Market Exchange  

What purpose has the atrexx Market Exchange? 

The Market Exchange is a sophisticated platform where providers sell satellite capacity, which otherwise would stay idle, and related resources. The Market Exchange helps buyers to find the right satellite resources for their projects. Efficiency and speed characterize the Exchange. 

What are the benefits to me?

Buyers immediately reach providers all over the world and can choose from the most attractive offers. Suppliers find new customers for their resources. The Market Exchange thus enables new long term relations between players in the industry that may not have been aware of each other before. 

What resources can be posted at the Market Exchange? 

Project-specific requests and offers for the following categories can be posted: Space Segment, Broadcast & Satellite Service, Occasional Use Capacity and Services, Other Services / End-to-end solutions, Bandwidth. It is not allowed to post general advertisements which are not project-specific. atrexx reserves the right of editorial changes to all postings including withdrawal of postings which are inadequate. 

Can I include my contact details in a posting?  

No! A posting at the Market Exchange has always to be anonymous. The author must avoid all details which may lead to his or her identity. Continued disrespect of the Business Rules will lead to a suspension of the subscriber. 

How long will the posting display?  

Each posting will originally be displayed for 30 days. Before expiration, atrexx asks the author of the posting by e-mail if they want to extend the display for another 30 days. Multiple extensions are possible. 

How can I respond to postings at the Market Exchange?
Logged-in subscribers show their interest for a certain posting by clicking on the “Contact” button below the details of the posting. 
What happens after I have responded to a posting?  

atrexx immediately sends a Broker Agreement to the to the seller of the resources. This Broker Agreement provides evidence that the specific lead was originated by the atrexx Market Exchange. As soon as the seller sends back the signed agreement the contact information of buyer and seller are disclosed and atrexx asks both parties to contact each other for the specific project.

What is atrexx’ role in concluding the deal?  

It is the role of up to atrexx'' professionals to bring both parties together and to support them in concluding the deal. atrexx will periodically ask the parties about the status of the project and intervene as needed. 

What is the price for this service?
The Market Exchange service is absolutely free of charge for Buyers. Sellers pay a low trade commission, only for successfully completed deals. 

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Event Calendar  

What purpose has the atrexx Event Calendar? 
The Event Calendar acts as a portal for service providers offering Satellite News gathering (SNG) and other event-specific services and for those requiring such services. It is open advertisement platform, for buyers to directly contact providers. 

What are the benefits to me? 
Service providers having decided to cover a specific event find new customers to use the set-up infrastructure and thus reach a better efficiency. Broadcast companies quickly find out if a certain event is covered by an SNG team, and possibly can choose from multiple offerings. 

What resources can be offered at the Event Calendar? 
Only service offers for a specific political, cultural or sport event can be advertised at the Event Calendar. These include production services, up-link facilities and space segment for the specific event. Resources which are not event-specific may be posted at the Market Exchange. 

Can I include my contact details in a posting? 
A posting at the Event Calendar automatically displays the company contact data of the provider as registered with atrexx. This contact data may be edited for the specific posting. 

How can I respond to postings at the Event Calendar? 
Feel free to directly contact the service provider through any of the displayed channels: e-mail, telephone, fax, mobile phone. 

What is the price for this service? 
Advertising event-specific resources at the Event Calendar is currently completely free of charge. 

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