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Pricing Policy

Pricing for atrexx' Trading Platform services has been optimized to guarantee a win-win situation for all involved parties. Using the platform is totally risk-free for both buyers and sellers of resources.

  • No Subscription Fee
    Unlimited access to the Trading Platform free of charge. atrexx does not charge for subscription to the service.
  • No Posting Fee
    atrexx does currently not charge for publishing postings, irrespectively if they posted anonymously on the Market Exchange or with contact details at the Event Calendar.
  • Service completely free for Buyers
    atrexx currently does not charge a trade commission to buyers. This means that the service provided by atrexx is completely free to buyers.
  • Free advertisements at the Event Calendar
    atrexx currently does not charge a fee for publishing event related advertisements at the Event Calendar. This means that the event-specific service is completely free of charge.
  • Low Trade Commission for Sellers
    Only for successfully completed deals originating from the Market Exchange, atrexx charges a moderate trade commission to sellers. This brokerage fee is strongly digressive with the value of the deal.

Price List of Brokerage Services on atrexx' Market Exchange

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