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Seller's Advantages

atrexx helps suppliers to find new markets for their resources. While conventional sales activities are often frustrating and little efficient, through atrexx you immediately reach buyers all over the world. atrexx thus enables new long term relations between players in the industry that may not have been aware of each other before. atrexx brings buyers and sellers together.

After registration, suppliers can post their offers on the trading platform or respond to buyers'' requests. Postings will be anonymously displayed and are accessible worldwide.

Registered buyers searching for satellite capacity and other resources respond to your offer by informing atrexx about their interest. It''s then up to atrexx'' professionals to bring both parties together.

Benefits to suppliers

    Additional Sales
  • Offer your resources to numerous potential buyers worldwide 
  • Sell unused capacity, which otherwise would stay idle. 
  • Get more bids for the highest possible price.
    Visibility and Business Generation
  • Post demands which are visible world-wide to everyone with an Internet access.
  • Attract more potential customers and, as a result, be invited to more tenders.
  • Create new long term profitable business relations.
    Efficiency and Speed
  • Use an original and low-cost sales channel and reduce your cost of sales.
  • Post your resources and await atrexx'' professionals to inform you about buyers that have shown interest.
  • Access, through a single point of contact, a large share of the entire telecom and broadcast market place.
    Ease of Use and Personal Service
  • Enter and update your postings yourself on the easy to use platform.
  • Find requests for resources through a powerful search engine. 
  • Take advantage of atrexx'' highly experienced professionals who handle all trades.
    Low Service Fee
  • Use the services from atrexx at no risk. 
  • Do not bother about neither subscription fee nor posting fee. 
  • Just pay a moderate trade commission - only for successful trades.

atrexx supports you at enhancing the bottom line of your business

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